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Nature is one of five elements in Coda. It’s color is green. When fused to a sword it lets you make trees. Every tree is up for few seconds, then it quickly gets smaller and disappears. Normal slashes’ (hold slash, side slash, direct slash) trees can be used to block enemies. Over slash lets you create green tree. Green tree is green only for you. It looks like all other trees for enemies. When you create green tree you can then make rising slash to teleport to it. It can be used to trick people. When creating a green tree you must be very careful, though. If anyone (including you) hits it with a sword-you die. If you make rising slash without having a green tree you will create normal tree right under you (it can be used to give you some additional height and get to high places).

Nature tips:

• You have to keep in mind, that every player will try to hit your green tree in order to kill you without fight. He doesn’t know which tree is green, and you can use this to your advantage, specially in duels. If you have only one opponent you can easily trick them

• It’s recommended to use fast swords with not so bad range.

• If you accidentally make an obvious green tree near your opponent you have two choices. Quickly spam the area between your tree and your opponent with normal trees, or quickly teleport and fight with a sword (it’s not recommended to teleport if opponent is close to a tree already)

• Trees can be used to stop charging enemies (including the ones on the horse) and block xing. Skilled players can block opponents from every direction by using few trees.

• If you trick opponent to attack your normal tree, he will probably attack it once, then think he missed and start to whiff for a second. You can quickly sneak from behind and kill him with your sword (recommended), or shoot at him with xing (not recommended, as you can easily miss)


• Nature is one of the hardest elements to use effectively.

• Sky has big advantage against nature, as sky users are remaining in the air almost the whole time.

• If you happen to fight against fire user you have to be very careful. You might want to change to water and normally fight them with sword.

• With nature you can easily kill an earth user, as they are usually standing on the ground, and their swords are mostly slow (this gives you more time to approach them after you trick them).

• You can kill yourself by hitting your own green tree, so try not to spam your sword attacks near your tree.