Installing the UT3 version of Coda (Out of Date)

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This is an open Wiki, Please edit this page with anything that might make the process easier for others in the future.

Coda Automated Installer

If you're elite, have UT3 with patch 2.1, and just want to install Coda, head to and grab the latest version. The installer is fully automated and will put a shortcut on your desktop from which you can launch Coda! If you don't have UT3 or don't know what it is then continue reading.

Also, checkout the online manual at for details on how to play the game.

Purchasing Unreal Tournament 3 and Installing Coda

About Coda

Coda is an online multiplayer game still in the early stages of development and therefore at present does not have a large community of people playing. To help make Coda better as quickly as possible it would be very helpful to have more people playing. So if you'd like to help us out by play testing or you just want to see what Coda's all about follow the below steps to get Coda running on your PC. We've put a lot of time and effort into making the process as quick, automated and painless as possible.

We would like to get people on the servers starting at around 7pm Central (UTC-5), peaking at 8pm every day, but we'll try to keep the dedicated server up 24/7 for you to play whenever you'd like.

Purchasing Unreal Tournament 3 on Steam

To play Coda you will need a copy of "Unreal Tournament 3" which you can buy at any store that sells PC games. You can also purchase and download it online for $20 American.

To buy "Unreal Tournament 3" online install "Steam" by following the below link.

Once installed, in Steam navigate to the "store" tab and search for "Unreal Tournament 3 Black" and follow the directions to purchase and install it. You may have to launch Unreal Tournament 3 at least once and enter your CD-Key before playing any mods.

Installing Coda

Once you have a working copy of Unreal Tournament 3 follow the link below to get Coda!

When joining a server NEVER allow the game to download updates on its own! Always exit and use the Coda Updater that comes with the Coda Install

You should see two blue hyperlinks. If you have installed the steam version of Unreal Tournament 3 you may skip the first step as steam will automatically patch UT3 to the latest version. If you didn't purchase UT3 through steam, first click the link that is labeled "Patch" followed by a version number. Save this file to your hard drive and install it. You may now install Coda by clicking on the other hyperlink, the one which is preceded by the text "Latest Coda Release". Save this file to your hard drive and run it to begin installing Coda. The installer is fully automated and will put a shortcut on your desktop from which you can launch Coda! The installer will also give you an automated updater, which you can use in the future to update to the latest version of Coda with the click of a button. Thus, you should never need to repeat the above steps again.

Also, checkout the online manual at for details on how to play the game.


  • Always run the auto-updater once before playing online to make sure you have the most recent version. If you try to join a server while in game and it starts attempting to download things (verrryy slooowwwly) you should exit the game and run the auto-updater. To launch the Coda Auto Updater click on your the Windows Start Button->All Programs->Coda Mod Alpha->Coda Updater.
  • The auto-updater will ask to delete your config files for you. You should allow it to do this, but remember the user name and password you create in the game - it will be cleared from the main menu!
  • Its a good idea to run the game in windowed mode during alpha testing. If the server crashes or you want to communicate with or chat to people outside the game, you can alt tab to other programs without the risk of crashing. Use the windows key on your keyboard to free your mouse from UT's grasp.

You can see some official coda servers by going to . Sometimes the banner indicates there are 0 players on a server when in fact there are more.