Installing the UT3 version of Coda (Out of Date)

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First, please note that Coda is still being developed. It is a purely multi player game but there are not many people online to play against yet. However, if you would like to do some play testing with us, or just mess around and see what its like, follow these simple steps to get Coda running on your machine. We've put a lot of time and effort into making the process as quick, automated and painless as possible.

To play Coda, you'll need a copy of the "Unreal Tournament 3". You can buy UT3 anywhere PC games are sold, or you can get it online for $20.

To buy online:

Install Steam by following that link. Once installed, navigate to the "store" tab and search for "Unreal Tournament 3 Black". Follow the directions to get Unreal installed on your machine.

Once you have a working copy of Unreal, follow this link:

You should see two blue hyper links. First, download and install "Patch UT3". Then, download and run the "Latest Coda Release". The installer is fully automated and you should end up with several Coda shortcuts on your desktop which you can use to start the game! The installer will also give you an automated updater, which you can use to update your version of Coda to the latest and greatest with the click of a button!