Installing Coda PS3

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Important Information

If you don't know how to install mods for the PS3 version of UT3 you can checkout this quick tutorial at

Remember to uninstall any older versions of Coda before installing the latest PS3 release.

After installing the mod there will be two new game types in your menus

  1. CODA Deathmatch
  2. CODA Team Deathmatch

The button bindings and more information on how to play can be found on the How to Play Coda page. Also, checkout the information on How to Report Bugs using email, forums, or Coda's Mantis Bug Tracking System.

Current features available in the PS3 version:

  • Sword Combat
  • In game Sword Selection
  • Magic System
  • Taiji Jumps
  • Gametypes
  • Maps
  • Bots

Current lacking features compared to the PC version:

  • Main Menus
  • Character Customization

Getting Coda for the PS3

You can find the latest PS3 version of Coda on our downloads page at