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Coda is developing rapidly, things here will be incomplete/go out of date quickly and without notice

  • WASD = Move
  • Spacebar = Jump
  • C = Duck
  • LeftMouseButton = Attack
  • F = Switch Sword/Magic
  • Q = Ride MULE

Just explain the controls and get out of my face

  • Swords can be swung about by moving the mouse as you click. You can drag the mouse in any direction while holding down the left mouse button. When you release the button, the character will swing his sword in the direction of the mouse move.
  • If you just click and release without moving the mouse very far, the character will attack with a jab. If you do this with the right mouse button, the character will block.
  • The character will automatically block so long as you are not attacking yourself and are holding the backwards movement key.
  • Tapping a directional key twice quickly allows you to quickly dodge. Tapping and holding W will allow your character to sprint.
  • You can press F at any time to put your sword away and begin using ranged Xing attacks.

Thats all you need to know to get into the game, experiment and have fun!

Survival Tips


  • Characters are allowed 2 Taiji moves while in the air. These are basically extra jumps performed mid-air once they've left the ground. Taiji can be performed with Spacebar, or by tapping a direction key twice quickly.
  • If you are quick, you can combo several of these moves into the same action. For example, a mid-air W+W+Spacebar performed very quickly will combine an air-dash and air-jump while only penalizing you for a single extra jump. The possibilities for this this system are huge, and allow skilled players minute control over their character's motion.

Sword Combat

  • Swords can easily kill a player with a single well placed hit, so be careful!
  • Attacks should be well timed and precise. Don't swing unless you think you're going to land a hit - whiffing an attack leaves you open to counter attack.
  • If you see that you've knocked your opponent's character off balance, go in for the kill! They won't remain defenseless for long.
  • Blocks can be easily overpowered with a downward attack. Keep this in mind for players overly reliant on their auto-block.
  • Different swords have different strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you choose the one that fits your play style.
  • Slashing with the right mouse button performs a power slash. You should see a light blue trail effect. Power slashes double the amount of stun and hyper a sword clash creates.


  • Xing definitely kills with a single hit... so be even more careful!
  • There are 5 different element types you can create once your sword is put away. Dragi
  • Xing is about disrupting and mixing up normal sword combat, it can help you control space through a match. Fighting a battle entirely with Xing is not recommended, but a skilled player could make it happen.

After some practice, you might be a little curious about how the system works in detail. Here are a few explanations, but we recommend playing and getting used to the game before diving into these specifics.

Timing of attacks is the trump card of Coda sword fighting. However, if both players are competent in their timing, the result comes down to their chosen slash techniques. Every type of slash has good and bad match ups. Try to get a mental image of this wheel burned into your mind.

wiffing mechanic specifics

  • If you attack at the same time as your opponent, the swords will collide. Attacks can overpower one another based on what type of swing the players have chosen. Pay attention and learn this system.

The mechanics below have been removed for Phase 3, but will return in some form in the next version

Items= Items can be equipped and assigned to different channels. Channels represent storage spots on your character. For physical items, such as swords, this is limited to 3 - your back, left hip and right hip. While holding a sword, pressing "1" will assign the sword to "Channel 1" and the item will move from your hands to your back. Pressing "2" assigns it to your left hip and "3" assigns to your right hip. To pull the sword back from one of these channels, hold the Shift key while pressing the corresponding number. Pressing "0" will throw the item.

Jiva Wheel=

Jiva is the small 5 colored star in the lower right of the screen. It represents your character's health. When it is reduced beyond zero, your character is no longer able to move and will go unconscious. He will rest until the Jiva energy has been restored to positive levels, but remains extremely vulnerable during this time. Jiva is composed of 5 distinct energy types. Each energy has a set of abilities which feed or consume it. Energy flows clockwise around the circle at all times. As one energy gets too small or too large, the energy immediately counter clockwise begins to feed it in order to bring it back to normal levels. As one energy feeds another, its own strength is reduced. Coda is about harmonizing the energy available to you. Having too much energy is just as detrimental as have too little.

A description of each energy type Wuji=== Not currently implemented.

Taiji=== Taiji is used in jumping, dodging and dashing. Tap twice quickly in a direction to TaijiDash. This will consume some amount of Taiji energy. Pressing jump while holding duck will TaijiJump. This will consume some amount of Taiji energy.

Qi=== Qi is the energy of sword combat. It can be consumed to allow huge strikes, but is most commonly used as a buffer which gets eaten away as you parry attacks. The sword system is extremely strict and complex at high levels, but (after some tweaking will soon be) delightfully accessible and intuitive for beginners. Sweeping the camera to the left or right increases the strength (and warmup time) of your attack for a broader stroke than if the player were to click directly on the target. More details can be found in the Sword Combat Theory section.

Currently, left mouse button will strike with the sword. The character will attempt to swing from his current sword position through the look direction of the screen. Thus if you click while looking left, he will swing right to left and vice versa. To achieve the strongest attacks, its best to alternate swinging left to right by tilting the camera rotation left and right. Swinging when the sword is at the peak of it's follow through will yield the strongest (but slowest) follow up attack. The strength of your strike is represented by the size and intensity of the slash trail it creates.

Xing=== Xing is comprised of 5 sub energy types. Metal/Sky, Water, Nature, Fire, and Earth. Each element relates to the others by controlling, consuming, feeding or insulting. For now, Xing is implemented as simple projectiles which collide and combine with one another. To use Xing, put your sword away. Once your hands are free, click and hold the right mouse button. A star of colors appears on screen. Drag your mouse towards the color of your choosing. As you do this a Xing seed is created. Xing seeds can either be fired like weapons (left mouse button) or placed in a channel like an item (number key). Having seeds which are too large, or too many smaller seeds will drain your Xing and kill you.

Psi=== Psi allows powers such as grip, pull, push, burst and so forth. Psi is created from combining opposing Xing types. Not currently implemented.