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This document describes how to run a CODA mod dedicated server.

If you are behind a router, you'll need to forward ports 30000,7777 and 6500.

Starting From the Menu

Currently you can't start a UT3 Coda dedicated server from the menus because of [bug 182]. This bug should be fixed in the next version of Coda. A quick trick you can use right now is to start the dedicated server through the menus and then look at the command it spits out on the console. You can copy that line out of the console or log file and append the -mod="<PathToCodaInstallation>" to it where <PathToCodaInstallation> is the path where you installed coda.

Starting a Public Server From the Command Line

UT3.exe can be found in the Binaries directory under your UT3 installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe). You can create a shortcut to the executable and right click on it and chose properties. Then append your command line options after the executable. You can use the following command line to launch a public dedicated server:

UT3.exe Server CODA-Gateway?game=Coda.CodaDeathmatch?MaxPlayers=16?NumPublicConnections=16?NumOpenPublicConnections=16?numplay=0?AdminPassword=<YourAdminPass> -port 7777 -solomod -mod="<PathToCodaInstallation>" -unattended -login=<YourUT3Login> -password=<YourUT3Password> -log=DedicatedServer.log

Starting a LAN Server From the Command Line

UT3.exe Server CODA-Gateway?game=Coda.CodaDeathmatch?MaxPlayers=16?MinNetPlayers=0?NumPublicConnections=16?NumPrivateConnections=0?NumOpenPublicConnections=16?NumOpenPrivateConnections=0?bShouldAdvertise=True?bIsLanMatch=True?bUsesStats=True?bAllowJoinInProgress=True?bAllowInvites=True?bUsesPresence=True?bAllowJoinViaPresence=True?bUsesArbitration=False?bIsDedicated=True?bIsListPlay=False?OwningPlayerName=?LockedServer=0?Campaign=0?GoalScore=100?TimeLimit=25?NumPlay=16?name=<YourUT3Login> -lanplay -log=DedicatedLANServer.log

Starting with the UT3 dedicated only server

The options are mostly the same but you will probably want to launch the game with the -nohomedir option. This will make unreal not look in your My Documents folder so all of your CodaBeta files should be copied to the folder where you installed the UT3 Dedicated server

Command Line Options

Option Description
-login=<YourUT3Login> <YourUT3Login> should be set to the UT3 account you want the dedicated to use while running. NOTE: If you login under this account again through another client or dedicated server, the current dedicated will be logged out and shutdown.
-password=<YourUT3Password> <YourUT3Password> should be set to the password for the account substituted for <YourUT3Login> This should be set to your computer's ip address
-mod="<PathToCodaInstallation>" <PathToCodaInstallation> Quoted path to where you installed Coda. (e.g. "C:\users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\CodaBeta")
AdminPassword=<YourAdminPass> <YourAdminPass> should be set to the password you want to use for the adminlogin command on the console
numplay=0 Set numplay to the number of bots you want on the server. 0 will disable bots.

Setting up the Web Admin Plugin

For now, checkout the config tutorial at

Problem Solving

Map and Gametype voting doesn't work

Currently there seems be a bug in UT3 where it won't read the UTMaplists.ini and UTVote.ini files from a mod's Config directory. I think if you copy the UTMapLists.ini and UTVote.ini from your CodaBeta/Config directory to your UTGame/Config directory, the map and gametype voting should start working.