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This document describes how to run a CODA UDK dedicated server.

If you are behind a router, you'll need to forward ports 7777 and 6500.

Starting From the Menu

You can start a dedicated coda server by checking the "Dedicated" option on the "Host Game" screen.

Enabling the WebAdmin Interface

In order to control your dedicated server from the WebAdmin interface you will need to enable the web server by editing the file UTWeb.ini in the UTGame/Config folder of your Coda installation directory. Change bEnabled=false to bEnabled=true in the [IPDrv.WebServer] section to enable the server:


Next you need to add the variable AdminPassword to the [Engine.AccessControl] section of UTGame.ini which is located in the same directory as UTWeb.ini:


Now restart the dedicated server if it is running and browse to in your favorite web browser. You should be presented with the WebAdmin login screen. You must use the password you specified for AdminPassword in UTGame.ini. The username is not used to login but you cannot leave it blank. You can use ANY username you like as it will only be shown when you chat to players.